04.10.2021 Links for Parents

SickKids Neonatal Neurodevelopmental Follow-Up Clinic Learning Hub

Parents and caregivers play an important role in helping children develop. Learn how you can help your child.

23.09.2019 Links for Parents

Canadian Paediatric Society – Caring for Kids

Caring for Kids, developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society, provides parents with information about their child’s health and well-being from Canadian paediatricians.

26.07.2019 Links for Parents

The Rogers Hixon Ontario Human Milk Bank

The Rogers Hixon Ontario Human Milk Bank is an Ontario-wide resource for pre-term and sick hospitalized infants.

22.07.2019 Links for Parents

Life with a Preterm Baby

Click here to learn more about “Life with a Preterm Baby” events in your area.

05.07.2019 Links for Parents

Sunnybrook NICU

Read more about the great resources available from the Sunnybrook NICU.

05.07.2019 Links for Parents

Sunnybrook Neonatal Follow Up Clinic

A digital resource for families visiting the Sunnybrook Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic.

05.07.2019 Links for Parents

Canadian Premature Babies Foundation

CPBF is dedicated to supporting and educating families of premature babies before, during and after their NICU stay. 

05.07.2019 Links for Parents

Family Integrated Care

A model of care where parents are educated to become primary caregivers for their infant in the NICU.

05.07.2019 Links for Parents


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