Webcasts and Presentations

Webcasts and Presentations

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SickKids Grand Rounds

Dr. Stephen Kingsmore – Expedited WES/WGS in the Newborn with Multiple Abnormalities

Drs. Amna Hilal, Catherine Diskin, Robbie Kernan, and Siobhan Neville – Conquering Complexity in Paediatric Hospital Medicine

Dr. Mark Friedberg – The Right Ventricle Gone Wrong


Dr. David Chitayat – Infants with Ambiguous Genitalia (click here to navigate slides) 

Dr. Rebecca Hoban – Pump up the Volume: Optimizing Lactation Success for the High Risk Mother and Neonate

Joanna Benec, Megan Arppe-Robertson. Jordan Mann & Lela Yap – Understanding Glucose and the Neonate

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals – Hypoxic Respiratory Failure (HRF) and Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN)

Dr. Rebecca Hoban, Dr. Belal Alshaikh, Samantha Sullivan, Laura McLean, Jacyln Erasmi, Glynnis DuBois and Jordyn Peck-Doman – The How (and Why!) to Facilitate Lactation Success! Virtual Workshop

Dr. Macarena Garcia Gozalo – An Unusual Case of Respiratory Failure and Pleural Effusion

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