Webcasts and Presentations

Webcasts and Presentations

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SickKids Grand Rounds

Dr. Stephen Kingsmore – Expedited WES/WGS in the Newborn with Multiple Abnormalities

Drs. Amna Hilal, Catherine Diskin, Robbie Kernan, and Siobhan Neville – Conquering Complexity in Paediatric Hospital Medicine

Dr. Mark Friedberg – The Right Ventricle Gone Wrong

Neonatology Chief’s Rounds

Dr. Mehmet Cizmeci – Neuroimaging in Intraventricular Hemorrhage

Dr. Lisette Yorke – Common Neonatal Rashes

Dr. Jessica Teicher – Communication and Collaboration with Parents at Neonatal End-of-Life

Dr. Joel Gupta – Late-Onset GBS: Breast still the Best?

Dr. Mehmet Cizmeci & Dr. Emily Tam – Intraventricular Hemorrhage: Outcomes and Counseling Parents