07.11.2019 Other Key Networks

Ontario Fetal Centre

Based at Mount Sinai Hospital, and in partnership with The Hospital for Sick Children, the Ontario Fetal Centre (OFC) is the first in Canada, and one of only a few worldwide, to offer a comprehensive range of fetal therapy.

11.07.2019 Other Key Networks

Neonatal Hemodynamics Research Centre

An international network of leaders in neonatal haemodynamics fostering high quality collaborative research and quality improvement work.

14.03.2019 Other Key Networks

BORN Ontario

Ontario’s pregnancy, birth and childhood registry and network.

14.03.2019 Other Key Networks

The Canadian Neonatal Network™ (CNN)

Academic clinicians from hospitals and universities across Canada, collaborating on research issues relating to neonatal care.

14.03.2019 Other Key Networks

Canadian Paediatric Society

A home for paediatricians. A voice for children and youth.

14.03.2019 Other Key Networks

Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health

Provides oversight of maternal, neonatal, child and youth strategies and initiatives in Ontario.